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The learning never stops for teachers. Even if continuing education were not required by law, educators would still strive toward deepening their subject knowledge, keeping up with the latest research, sharpening their classroom skills, and learning to use education technology tools.

The following professional development sites for education will help teachers refresh and update their practice, connect with fellow educators and, in some cases, earn continuing education credits. All provide substantial free or modestly priced content.  

Top Sites for Educator Professional Development 

Free Cyber Curricula offers free K-12 cyber lessons and courses, as well as virtual and in-person professional development workshops, many of which are free. For education leaders and policy makers,’s K-12 Cybersecurity Learning Standards is a detailed guide to the key hardware, software, security and digital citizenship challenges of teaching cybersecurity. 

Science of Reading Webinar Series  
Learn from the latest neuroscience research to inform your reading instruction. The nonprofit is dedicated to promoting and expanding literacy for all young learners, regardless of background or means. Eight videos explore spoken language structure, phonics, fluency, comprehension, vocabulary, and other critical topics. 

KQED Teach
Free self-paced online PD focusing on media literacy and creation. Earn eight micro-credentials to become a certified PBS Media Literacy Educator and sign up for the free June 21, 2022 online workshop Video Storytelling Basics (K-12) here.  

Teaching Channel
An online video-based community for teachers, Teaching Channel is a great resource for lesson ideas, video coaching, and earning credits towards PD requirements. A thriving online community connects educators with shared interests to one another. Free and premium content.

Good Thinking! The Science of Teaching Science
A research-based web series from the Smithsonian Science Education Center that explores the common misconceptions students have about topics such as natural selection, chemistry, and energy. Other subjects include the left-brain/right-brain myth and how to motivate students. Free. 

Annenberg Learner
A rich trove of professional development and classroom resources, searchable by grade and subject. These terrific in-depth videos examine a diversity of topics, from teaching algebra to applying neuroscience research findings in your classroom. Free. 

OER Commons Professional Learning & Teacher Training
Explore tens of thousands of free preK-20 open education resources, curated by the nonprofit OER Commons. Connect with fellow teachers in topic-specific forums and search free OER PD/Training resources by standards, education level, subject and type of material. 

ReadWriteThink Strategy Guides
Whether you're interested in learning a new teaching strategy or polishing your existing approach, these guides will be valuable assets in your efforts. Each strategy guide includes information about the research basis, classroom implementation, and lesson plans. Topics include writing, teaching with technology, inquiry-based learning, and more. 

The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History Professional Development
Virtual and in-person seminars and symposia eligible for CEU and PDP credits, as well as self-paced video courses. The Reframing Lincoln: Myth, Memory, and Changing Narratives Symposium, comprising seven summertime remote lectures, is available free to K-12 teachers. Other content is free or modestly priced. 

Stanford Graduate School of Education Youcubed
Research-based ideas, strategies, and tools to elevate your math instruction to the nth degree. Youcubed provides a multitude of math resources to learn from and use, including lessons, activities, videos, and PD classes. Most important is the focus on growth mindset in the math classroom and task-based teaching to engage and inspire students. Extensive free online resources and paid workshops.

PBS Learning Media  
An abundance of free resources for professional development, including standard-aligned videos, lesson plans, interactives, and more. Six elements of PD are explored in detail, from planning and preparation to assessment to learning environment and more. Searchable by grade, type of resource, popularity, and date created.

Tech & Learning’s Professional Development Hub
Check out Tech & Learning’s PD Hub, in which we showcase articles about how to incorporate the latest edtech tools into your classroom instruction and more. 

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